102-Year-old woman, Annie Mae Belin, reveals key to long life


102-Year-old woman, Annie Mae Belin reveals key to long life

Annie Mae Belin, a 102-year-old woman from Darlington, South Carolina, USA, says that minding her own business has ensured that she has lived this long.

“Trying to tend to my business. And leave other people’s business alone. Unless I have to get in it. Because I love to talk and I love people,” Belin explained about how she has lived 102 years.

She made this intriguing remark during her birthday celebration and this comment alone made her national celebrity in the USA. Taken aback by all the attention, she said she was only doing what her mother taught her since childhood.

“My mother always told us it takes six months to tend to your business. And six months to leave other people’s business alone. Then the year is gone,” she added.

Strong faith
Belin also credits her faith in God as one of the keys to her long life. She avoids gossip and reads her Bible; this has helped her grow old gracefully. She reveals that she finishes reading the whole Bible every year from Genesis to Revelations.

At 102 years of age, Belin says she really gets a kick out her life.

As with any lady, especially Ugandan ones, she goes to the salon every two weeks with former Darlington Mayor Gloria Hines, who has been her personal stylist for many years.

“I have wrinkles sometimes, but I have a cream. I ordered that cream, and I can put it on me. Like all of this and all of that. It takes it away,” she said, explaining how she keeps her skin glowing.

“God is still blessing me. He still answers my prayer.”

Belin starts and ends her day with a prayer of thanks.

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