Georgina Onuoha slams report of being one of the numerous actresses who dated Apostle Johnson Suleman


Georgina Onuoha slams report of being one of the numerous actresses who dated Apostle Johnson Suleman

According to Onuoha, it was laughable that her name was being included among those who had affairs with the pastor.

“Woke up feeling blissful 🥰🥰. Lord thank you for the wonders of my being. I have noticed miscreants coming on my page leaving stupid comments. I will warn you, if you bring your stupidity to my page Ogun will kii you. The Amadioha that will strike you is doing push up. I live my soft life in the most decent way possible,” she wrote.

“If you have issues with people go sought it out and demand justice and reparations if harm was done to you. This mentality of guilt by association needs to stop. I keep wondering how people wake up with bullshit about others 🤣🤣.”

The actress recounted how she was rumoured to have had an affair with a governor and now a pastor.

“That was how I woke up one morning and saw people demanding I pay back money spent on me by their state governor? 🤣🤣 And I’m like Governor who? 🤣🤣 From where to where?🤣 California to Delta state? Inu kwa🤣🤣 Na it is pastor who?🤣🤣 Ogun kii all you mofos,” she added.

“Abeg who help hold the curtains or leg? 🤣🤣 Ogun kii any idiot that will come on this page to write nonsense. How do you address faceless cowards hiding behind keyboards?🤣🤣. I like bold people and I love to place faces. People will say, ignore, don’t acknowledge. Such culture breeds room for impunity. I have been blessed to meet and know amazing people men and women through the course of my life home or abroad because of the nature of our job that creates room for such.”


She also slammed those who have been fueling the alleged affair.

“Many have been a blessing to my life for that I am grateful. I will repeat many of us are cut from different fabrics. So please keep your shit life to yourself. Don’t bring it on my street. The level of joblessness amongst some low-live scumbags is alarming,’ she wrote.

“Time you should use to be productive is spent on gossip page of, “ them say” 🤣🤣. Meanwhile tomorrow you will be looking for “ giveaway” Amadioha kii you there. Awon Oloriburuku omoale jatijati. If your life is miserable, go and consult the oracles in your village. Thank you.”

Onuoha’s lengthy post is coming on the heels of a list that was shared by a popular blogger on social media.

According to the blogger, the popular Auchi-based pastor has dated more than twenty Nollywood actresses.


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