Reactions as Imam buys new car and takes it to church for prayer (Photos)


Reactions as Imam buys new car and takes it to church for prayer (Photos)

The story of a Nigerian Imam who bought a new can and took it to a church for blessing has attracted attention on Facebook.

According to the story reposted by Muideen Olalekan Olagunju, the Imam whose name was not mentioned resides in Ijomu Oro, Kwara state.

Impressive photos of the moment the blessing of the car took place have emerged on Facebook as many say the Imam’s act exemplifies religious tolerance. Some say it is only politicians that use religion to separate Nigerians.

Sharing the photos, Muideen wrote: “In Ijomu Oro, Kwara State, the Chief Imam of the town bought a car and took it to the Venerable of the Christ Anglican Church in the town for blessings. If not for politics and ignorance, Nigeria is indeed a place of beautiful-minded people.”

Facebook users react

Akeem Adeyemo wrote: “Some low-minded people allow their religious leaders to make their hearts so heavy and full of needless hatred to their fellow human beings. It’s sad the reactions and outbursts from so many low thinkers these days.”

Omo Adebayo commented “This is exactly who we are before politicians sow the seed of hatred, bitterness and division among us. All Abrahamic religions must open our minds.”

Abdjelil Adesola “Unfortunately many senses have been stolen from their rightful owners. What we have on the street are sea of heads without sense all in the name of politics! God bless Nigeria and Nigerians irrespective of religion and tribe.”

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