Tumi Tladi Biography – Age, Career, Cause Of Death and Net Worth


Tumi Tladi Biography – Age, Career, Cause Of Death and Net Worth

He was a professional South African Rapper, singer, songwriter, and musical artist. Tumi Taldi was one of the popular rappers of South Africa.


Tumi Tladi was 30 years old in 2022.


Tumi Taldi was popular for his songs like Strong Enough, Basadi, Burning Out, Presidential, Reel It In and many more. Tumi Taldi has released more than 30 songs.

From the age of 11 in 2004, Tumi gradually danced his way onto the entertainment scene. He won over the city’s picky critics at both large and small performances because of his thorough training at Johannesburg’s Danceweb under the guidance of Craig Bullock.

Having recently arrived in Los Angeles, onlookers blink twice when Tumi steals the show while working on a music video for Will Smith, a Hollywood actor and musician, and Jada Pinkett Smith, an actress.

In addition to dancing with Cassper Nyovest during some of the best performances ever captured on television, he has worked with Cassper Nyovest to help him become a better performer. Tumi decided to push himself further after having this experience and published his first significant hit, “You ain’t shh.” He was fully introduced to the industry and gained promoters’ attention when the song began to be played on radio and television.

His debut album has now been made available through Universal Music. It is evident that he had evolved considerably in just four years of recording songs, and he would carry on improving as long as the entertainment business continued to back him.

Cause Of Death

The South African musician Tumi Tladi was active on his social media just a few hours ago. He had tweeted, announcing his new single with a surprise artist. He has framed it in such a way that fans were so excited about it and could wait for it to be public.

Tumi wrote, “Oh ya’ll thought I was done? So I got the EP with @DeJaVee_SA then I’m still releasing a single with a surprise artist called gushesh and my boy @ipstatsk got an amapiano banger of Basadi also coming out! More music immediately!!!!”


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Little did the world know that he was no longer remaining with us to share his talent in his presence. It is extremely unbearable for people around him who were there on his good and bad days. The comments on his last tweet are heartbreaking, to say the least. People are flooding it with RIPs and other condolence messages for his family.

Similarly, as his death was sudden and unexpected, his fans are asking questions about what happened to him. Tumi died at the age of 30 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Net Worth

 Tumi Tladi net worth​​ Prior to his death, was believed to be over $500,000 dollars.

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