Nigerians rain curses on Lagos State govt over N80k demand notice for Parking space


Nigerians rain curses on Lagos State govt over N80k demand notice for Parking space

Nigerians have reacted to the recent Lagos State N80k demand notice for Parking on setback with many expressing their views on the subject matter.

This follows a recent notice on parking permits and demand notice signed by Adebisi Adelabu, General Manager, Lagos State Parking Authority which informed that the Lagos State Government has begun the implementation of the parking lot which costs N80,000 per slot yearly with a processing fee of N50,000.

Taking to Twitter, social media users have shown mixed reactions as some condemned the act while some perceive of it as a standard global practice in working societies.

On Twitter, @michaelfreesoul said, “We have a Lagos State Parking Authority but Danfos, Kekes and Okadas have turned many roads to their car parks to the detriment of free-flowing traffic. But then we all know Danfos are the 4th arm of the Lagos state government so it’s all we”

@TheLotanna wrote, “How don’t we have the capacity to tax them? They set up a whole Lagos State Parking Authority and we don’t have the capacity? What is wrong here?”

@GodizenMonsta posted, “The system in the UK uses plate number recognition systems and CCTV + parking enforcers + motoring meters. We are nowhere close to that.”

@MoshoodAluko said, “Sentiments aside, if the parking slots identified in this letter are located outside the fence, and on the setback, in a business district and close to the road; the Govt has every right to charge parking fees, that’s standard global practice in working societies.”

@TheLotanna said wrote, “I have never heard anywhere in the world you tax someone because there’s parking space in front of their property. If the government must make money from parking, shouldn’t it be the motorists that’d pay for parking?”

@maclamin wrote, “The Lagos state parking authority law is currently being challenged in court, as fee collection falls under the purview of local council. The question is; has the govt unified fees thugs collect at diff bustops and even streets in line with modern societies?

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