Blogger Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi alleges threat to life as Fayemi’s wife petitions police over ‘cyberbullying’


Blogger Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi alleges threat to life as Fayemi’s wife petitions police over ‘cyberbullying’

Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi, described as a “citizen journalist”, has raised the alarm over the alleged threat to her life in connection to her social media posts criticising Bisi, the wife of Kayode Fayemi, former governor of Ekiti.

However, in a petition dated November 12, 2022, and addressed to the Ekiti state commissioner of police, Bisi had accused Olawumi of posting “malicious, false and offensive messages” about her on Facebook.

Olawumi had written a petition to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Amnesty International, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In the petition, the blogger said she received a call from one Williams from the Department of State Services (DSS), asking her to report to the agency’s office over a petition filed by one Demola Obanise, a man she identified as Fayemi’s brother-in-law.

She added that she has been receiving calls from strange numbers, alleging that the threat started after she wrote on Facebook that Bisi was arrested in 2018 in Dubai over alleged money laundering.

TSB NEWS could not verify if the arrest actually took place.

She said the former first lady and Obanise should be held responsible if anything happens to her.


In her petition, the former first lady, through her lawyer, said Olawumi’s Facebook posts contravene section 24 of the cybercrimes (prohibition, prevention, etc) act 2015 and were designed to malign her character.

She asked the Ekiti police commissioner to ensure that Olawumi faces the law for the comments against her.

A portion of the petition reads: “On 11th November, 2022, on the culprit ‘Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi’ Facebook Account News Feed, she wrote: “Bisi Fayemi was arrested in Dubai, in 2018, for laundering the sum of N500million few weeks after the inauguration of her husband.

“In her characteristic greedy nature, she applied to the state government for the sum of N500million to buy light and other decorative fittings, for Oke-Ayoba.

“Cutting a long story short, she took the money to Dubai, to launder it and subsequently, she was arrested.

“The state paid another N500 million to certain agencies (name withheld) to get her released and upon her release, she demanded for another N160million to clear the non-existent lights, she bought in Dubai.”

“In the light of the above, we have our clients’ clear instruction to make a clarion call to the commissioner of police, Ekiti state command to use his good office to bring this culprit to justice by investigating her infractions, infringements and invasion of our client’s privacy and save her and the society at large from the culprit nefarious, criminal, malicious and calculated mischievous posts.”


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