Four reasons you should eat more mangoes


Four reasons you should eat more mangoes

If you grew up in Nigeria or any other African country, you’re probably familiar with the mango fruit. In Nigeria, this fruit is commonly available during the rainy season.

When it’s mango season, you’re bound to come across vendors, stores, and markets selling these fruits more often than not.

Mangoes come in different colours and sizes depending on their species. Mangoes vary from bright yellow, dark green, pink-green, red, and peach colours and can be found easily.

German [Opioro], Cotonou, Sheri, Kerosene, Julie, Peter are names to the commonly found mango types in Nigeria. These mango types are probably very familiar to you, right?

So why should you eat more mangoes even though you’ve practically grown knowing them your whole life? The answer is simple; mangoes contain a large number of nutritional benefits for proper skin, body, and hair development.

What are these benefits you may ask:

Mangoes Are Great For Clear Skin
Vitamins A and C are major components which promote healthy skin. Mangoes are packed with lots of Vitamins A and C and when eaten habitually, promotes healthy skin.

Mangoes are equally known to exfoliate and eliminate dead pores on the skin.

In addition to the mentioned benefits, mangoes also help improve signs of ageing as it contains antioxidants which rejuvenate the skin.

Potassium and Vitamin E [both contained in mangoes] work alongside each other to keep cells hydrated to moisturize the skin. As well as working to hydrate the skin, Antioxidants also work to improve skin tone.

Mangoes Are Great For Weight Loss
Mangoes are fat-free and therefore, a great choice of food for people on the journey of shedding weight.

While the ability of mangoes in aiding weight loss has been considered by some to be factual or a myth, there’s an important truth to note. While mangoes might indeed aid in weight loss, eating only mangoes may not necessarily be a good way to go about it. However, replacing unhealthy snacks with mangoes and other fruits is the best way to go about this.

Mangoes Improve Eyesight
If you’re keen on improving your sight, mangoes might provide additional benefits to you. Certain nutrients found in mangoes are beneficial for the proper functioning of the human eyes.

Remember that mangoes are rich in vitamin A and this vitamin is a great preserver of eyesight reducing the risks of eye defects such as; night blindness etc.

Remember to combine mangoes with other food items such as oysters, seafood, carrots, etc for the best results in improving your eyes.

Mangoes Aid in Digestion
Battling with digestion issues? Then mangoes might be the answer for you as this fruit is known to aid in digestion. According to ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing, mangoes contain enzymes that aid the breakdown and digestion of protein.

Having read about these benefits, would you be eating more mangoes this season?


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