Putin’s lover, Alina Kabaeva public appearance but shuns mention of bloody Ukraine war


Putin’s lover, Alina Kabaeva public appearance but shuns mention of bloody Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin’s ‘lover’ has made a rare public appearance today but shunned all mention of the bloody war in Ukraine and the dictator’s rumoured health problems.

The gold-medal winning Olympic star Alina Kabaeva, 39, has been seen less than half a dozen times this year, but appeared today to open a new gymnastics training centre.

Opening the new complex in Sochi, she avoided mention of Putin, 70, amid claims he had slipped on the stairs of his Moscow residence, and is suffering from cancer and other health problems.

She also made no direct reference to his war in Ukraine in which 100,000-plus Russians are believed to have been killed or maimed.

Instead she told gymnasts at the Divine Grace international tournament that the ‘impossible is possible’.

‘When I was in gymnastics, and an athlete, I could not even dream of such conditions [as you have in this new sports training centre],’ she said.

‘But as life shows, the impossible is possible.

‘And Russia is a country of big opportunities.’

The Moscow state media are not permitted to discuss her 15-year relationship with Putin nor the children they are rumoured to share.

The last time Russia’s undisclosed first lady was seen in public was in September.

Russian showbiz outlet Starhit described her as looking ‘slimmed down, with an elegantly shaped face’ – possibly alluding to the plastic surgery that both she and Putin are rumoured to undergo.

Kabaeva has no official role in Russia.

She supervised the new sports complex which is shaped like a gymnastic hoop.

Rumours in September swirled that she has been ordered by Putin to have an abortion.

‘We already talked at the beginning of May this year that Alina Kabaeva was pregnant, and after the sex of the unborn child became known, we reported that Putin and Kabaeva would soon have a girl,’ posted Telegram channel General SVR in September.

‘But Russian President Vladimir Putin considered Kabaeva’s pregnancy untimely, and the birth of another, unplanned child, undesirable.

‘As a result, relations between Putin and Kabaeva worsened.

‘And at the end of August, the president insisted that Alina have an abortion, despite the fact that the pregnancy was already more than 20 weeks and there were no medical and social indications for abortion.

‘After the abortion, complications arose and for some time Kabaeva could not appear in public.’

The channel claims inside knowledge of Kremlin affairs without offering hard evidence.


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