Skit-maker, Taooma Narrates Experience With Traffic Offender


Skit-maker, Taooma Narrates Experience With Traffic Offender

The skit maker while sharing her experience on Twitter, lamented the challenges women experience in real life because of their gender and narrated an encounter with a motorist that belittled her even though she was driving her personal vehicle.

She explained that during their altercation the motorist told her to drop her father’s car at home before she can speak to him.

The content creator revealed that she has often gone through the same thing in her place of work and the society in general.

According to her, “Being a woman can be tough sometimes. In your work space, you’re looked down upon. In the society, you’re not as respected.

Last time out, a traffic offender I challenged on the road told me to “drop my daddy’s car” before I can talk to him.”

However, a netizen, @Vawul3nse told the comedian that the traffic offender might have treated her the way he did because of her size and not necessarily because she is a woman.

The tweep said: “That wasn’t about you being a woman, it was probably about you being ‘small’ size. You women shouldn’t be victimizing yourselves always”.

Responding, Taooma wrote, “Lol, small size? Cos he saw my whole body from the car Yh? If I start to list all the experiences, we’ll be here till night. I’m spitting the reality of things, you said I’m victimizing myself. Stop jare.”