Wives of Asoma Banda clash over his wealth as he battle for his life on his hospital bed (video)


Wives of Asuma Banda clash over his wealth as he battle for his life on his hospital bed (video)

The wives of millionaire Asuma Banda are currently trending on social media after they went to his bedside to fight for his signature.

The millionaire businessman who has been unwell for some time now has been in the hospital hoping to recover, but that seems not to be the case with his first and second wives.

The CEO of Antrak Air and Logistics appears pretty weak and on life support in the depressing video, and he could hardly communicate.

His first wife and kids and the second wife and her kids were all gathered around his bed.

While stating that Baaba had been signing checks and other documents in his name, the man filming the incident asked his father to show his hands.

After a while of fighting, security personnel from the hospital entered the hospital ward to remove Alhaji Banda, despite objections from his son and first wife.

The family’s leader had asked the government to intervene in these domestic disputes at a news conference a few days ago in Accra to obtain the release of his ill royal so they could transfer them back to their hometown for proper care and treatment.

The second wife of Alhaji Banda appeared at 37 Hospital with a court order seeking that Alhaji is released to her despite his condition, the family head stated, adding that the family regards this action by the second wife as an effort to keep Alhaji Banda away from the family.