How to dress to make yourself look taller if you’re short


How to dress to make yourself look taller if you’re short

Short baddies assemble, we have some tips for you.

As a brief woman myself, we have to be careful about the type of clothes we wear as we don’t want to look like little children. even if you are less than 5’5.

Yes, we are cute, but we want to look like grown-ups in our own right, so here’s how to always look taller.

Wear short gowns/shorts/mini skirts

The reason why you should always wear short outfits is simple, it makes your legs appear longer. Plus, you would look like a supermodel with your long legs showing.

Wear clothes that fit

It doesn’t even have to be tight, but it must fit. So clothes with the arms falling off or excess fabric will just make it look like you got hand-me-downs from your older siblings.

Fitting clothes give you a longer silhouette.

Wear heels – duh!

Well, this is not a genius solution but yes, wear heels if you are short and it does not have to be pin heels, you can wear block heels and even boots, anything to give you the much-needed height.

Maxi dresses that stop at your ankles

Nothing says you are short more than a flowing gown that’s sweeping the floor with excess fabric, always make sure your long gowns stop at your ankles – except it has a train.

Flared two-piece

Ah, yes, long pants make you appear taller, especially if you pair them with heels. Plus, a color coordinated two-piece does that for you.

Hope these tips help! Oya share 😁


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