O2 Brixton’s licence suspended for 3 months over deaths at Asake’s concert


O2 Brixton’s licence suspended for 3 months over deaths at Asake’s concert

The licence of O2 Brixton in London has been suspended for three months over the crush that happened during Asake’s concert.

In December, the security at Asake’s O2 Brixton concert was breached in a stampede, leading to the deaths of two women.

The singer put together a show at the 4900-capacity concert venue where he performed his debut album.

The music event was, however, cancelled mid-way after a crowd of thousands without tickets breached the doors.Lambeth council’s licensing sub-committee announced O2 Briton’s licence suspension on Monday.

UK Guardian reports that the decision came after a request by the Met Police who are investigating the stampede.

Fred Cowell, the chair of the sub-committee, said: “The decision of the sub-committee is that the premises licence is suspended for a period of three months from today, expiring at one minute past midnight on 16 April 2023.

“No licensable activities shall take place at the premises unless and until an application to vary the premises licence has been made by the premises’ licence holder.”

Speaking on the matter, the Met Police said the suspension of the licence would “allow time to work with the venue to facilitate a safe reopening and to ensure appropriate safeguards, aimed at improving public safety, are in place.”

Academy Music Group (AMG), the owners of the concert venue, had earlier preempted the licence suspension.

It had stated that it was willing to keep the venue shut for three months while police investigate the matter.


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