5 household supplies you need before the 2023 presidential elections


5 household supplies you need before the 2023 presidential elections

Besides getting your PVC and voting, here’s what you should buy ahead of election day.

No one knows how the aftermath of the elections will be; it might be perfectly peaceful or not, but it’s better if you are prepared.

Nigeria’s presidential election is taking place on Saturday, February 25th 2023.

There is a lot of build-up and anticipation around the election, including deep economic distress and spontaneous riots and protests because of the scarcity of the naira. That’s why we think you should stock your house with the following things:

1. Cooking gas

It doesn’t matter if it has finished or not, you should fill it up. Cooking gas always gets exhausted at the worst time and if you don’t have a backup, you would be stranded.

2. Foodstuff

Check the foodstuff you have in your store: can it last for a week or two? If it can’t, then you should stock up. The essentials are rice, beans and spaghetti. No one is saying buy so much food that there is a scarcity, but just enough. Don’t forget things like seasoning cubes and vegetable oil.

3. Bathroom supplies
Do you have toothpaste? Bathing soap? Body cream? Sanitary pad? Toilet paper? Detergent? You don’t want to be without basic hygiene products during that period.

4. Fuel for your generator and car

When the elections are a few days away, you might want to have enough fuel in the generator and car if you have one. In case the electricity isn’t so good, you need to be able to track the election results.

5. Cash

This technically isn’t a household supply, but you need to have cash at hand. Try to withdraw what is necessary as the day approaches and yes, we are aware it might be a bit difficult, but try your very best.


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