AKA Biography – Age, Career, How he was killed And Net Worth


AKA Biography – Age, Career, How he was killed And Net Worth

AKA was one of South Africa’s top rappers. He is a songwriter, music producer, and a brilliant entrepreneur in addition to rapping.

The artist writes and releases songs with touching, insightful, sleek, and smooth lyrics. Victory Lap was AKA’s first hit single in 2010.


He was 35 years old.


AKA has collaborated on songs with Burna Boy, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and Kanye West. Many people are curious about AKA’s real name. Kiernan Jarryd Forbes is his birth name. After his fiance’s tragic death last year, the rapper became a viral sensation for months.

While at the university, AKA co-founded a second music group, The IV Collective, alongside two other members. The group focused on producing songs for other artists. Notable names they worked with before disbanding are Khuli Chana, ProKid, and JR.

AKA began ascending the South African music industry ladder after dropping singles such as Mistakes, In My Walk, and I Do. However, he finally struck gold after recording and releasing his debut album, Alter Ego, in 2011. The tracks, I Want It All, All I Know, and Victory Lap, were the top songs of the album and topped the music charts in the country.

He rose to prominence following the release of his critically acclaimed single, Victory Lap. The song, which appeared on AKA’s debut album, Altar Ego, catapulted him into the national spotlight and earned him international recognition.

He has released top-charting albums such as Levels, Touch My Blood, and Be Careful What You Wish For over the years.

How he was killed

The rapper flew in from Johannesburg in to Durban on February 10 for his birthday party, which was scheduled to hold in Yugo Nightclub.

AKA promoted the show on his social media page as he asked fans to show up. Before he was killed, AKA had gone to a fish restaurant on Florida road with some friends and his bodyguard.

He posted his location on his Instagram page. After the meal, he stepped outside the restaurant and was shot six times.

According to eyewitnesses, it was a drive-by shooting while others claimed someone worked up to him and shot him.

Meanwhile, one of his friends standing with him was killed while his bodyguard was injured in the shooting.

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $12million Dollars.


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