How to get accurate answers from ChatGPT


How to get accurate answers from ChatGPT

Ever had to use ChatGPT and was faced with an incorrect response?

Recall that ChatGPT is an AI language model, that is not perfect and may sometimes produce incorrect answers or nonsensical outputs. Hence, it’s crucial to review, edit or process the model’s results and always consider the context.  

To optimize ChatGPT’s performance, it’s essential to ask clear questions, fine-tune it for a specific purpose, and utilize it in conjunction with other techniques. With proper usage and post-processing, ChatGPT can be an effective tool in any NLP task. 

Highlighted below are some tips on how to get better answers with ChatGPT.

Provide context: Providing ChatGPT with additional context in your requests leads to more concise answers. ChatGPT is efficient and delivers the most accurate response when you pose a clear question. By giving some background information, ChatGPT adapts its response to match what you’re looking for. The more context and details you offer, the better the model will comprehend and respond accordingly.  

For example, instead of simply asking “What is the weather like today?”. You could ask “What is the current temperature and forecast for Los Angeles, California?”. 

Make your request precise: When posing a question to ChatGPT, try to be as direct and precise as you can while also providing background information. Your query should contain as many details as are required. ChatGPT will take into account each signal you send and each clarification you offer to come up with a response that is exactly what you asked for.  

Ask it to elaborate: Sometimes ChatGPT doesn’t produce specific responses. If you want to continue the conversation, don’t be afraid to ask the chatbot to expand on or complete its initial response. Then ChatGPT will continue by enhancing its initial response with new information. 

Ask ChatGPT to reformulate responses: If you are not satisfied with ChatGPT’s initial response, you can request that it be reformulated. This can be done without altering your original request. Additionally, you only need to request that he respond using straightforward language, refrain from using formulations that you find to be overly complicated, or even respond as if you were a child. The chatbot will resume speaking as per your instructions and revise its previous speech to make it clearer. 

Ask it to format replies in a specific manner: In addition to being an almost infinite source of knowledge, ChatGPT can alter its speech by adopting a specific language style. For example, you could ask for it to mimic the writing style of a famous person or author. Chabot can also change the responses by producing things like tables and bulleted lists. 


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