I was attracting Nigerian senators with kayan mata – #BBTitan Nana


I was attracting Nigerian senators with kayan mata – #BBTitan Nana

Nana, the Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) housemate, says she made a lot of money from senators while using “kayan mata“.

Kayan mata refers to herbs or potions used by women in different forms as sexual pleasure, enhancers, or aphrodisiacs in northern Nigeria.

The Kaduna-based reality star recalled her past sexual escapades in a chat with Yvonne, Yaya, and Jenny O.

Nana said she used to be an escort girl who sleeps with big men — including senators.

The reality star said with “kayan mata”, she was able to attract the right clients.

Nana added that if she had listened to her friends, she would have built a house and bought a car from the proceeds.

“When I got it, the senators I gathered, Jesus… back to back, I’m always flexing like if they have a trip with escorts. My friends used to say if I was wise when I was gathering money, I would have had a car and house. But where is the money? Junks, junks, junks. And I used to buy clothes or hair. I would be braiding my hair,” she said.