Mr Ibu’s wife hints at romance between the actor and daughter, Jasmine. Mr Ibu reacts


Mr Ibu’s wife hints at romance between the actor and daughter, Jasmine. Mr Ibu reacts

Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris has called out the veteran actor over domestic violence while hinting at the romantic relationship between Mr Ibu and his acclaimed daughter, Chioma Jasmine Okafor.

One of the videos shared by the controversial IG blogger, Gistlovers captures the moment John Okafor (Mr Ibu) raged mightily at his wife, Stella Maris while threatening to unleash his wrath on her if she doesn’t tell him the issue she has with Chioma Jasmine.

Another clip also shows Stella Maris crying while stating that Mr Ibu came from his girlfriend’s house to beat her up while spilling the wrongs the actor has meted out on her and her children.


IGistlovers while sharing the video alleged that Jasmine is sleeping with Ibu while disguising herself as his daughter.

The caption reads:

“Hello tueh tueh , Otife get started, you see the level some girls go just to get fame ehn, he go shock you ooo, you dey knack person dey call am your papa, Jasmine come here , heaven and earth will be against you from this very moment, I say it’s about to get started , Mr Ibu has loss of memory and a girl who is not related to him at all took advantage of that ,took his Instagram password and using Mr Ibu for content and to get fame, infact she add her page for mr Ibu bio, they are not related at all, infact she is at the verge of selling Mr Ibu house today before this matter come out, it’s about to be a long night,full story soon , get your popcorn, ogun go soon Kee person now , Moun nbo 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶”

The daughter Jasmine has explained her part.

Reacting to the saga, Daddy Freeze as it is in his routine took it upon himself to get to the bottom of the case as he speedily got Mr Ibu and his family members to join his live session and share their version of the saga.

Mr Ibu and his children narrated how Stella Maris abandoned the Nollywood veteran at the hospital when he was sick to attend a party.

Ibu’s son went on to show receipts of some cash that were sent to her following her requests for money ranging from N10K, N50K, and N1M.

The actor’s first son while fuming described Stella Maris as one who’s very extravagant and has refused to work despite knowing full well her husband isn’t too strong.

Receipts of the cash Jasmine sent from her account to Stella Maris’ account were also shared to prove that she isn’t as evil as Ibu’s wife initially painted her to be.

The live session lasted for over 1 hour as each member spoke at length.

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