‘My name is Levi Davis and my life is in danger’ – Chilling footage of missing X Factor star days before he vanished


‘My name is Levi Davis and my life is in danger’ – Chilling footage of missing X Factor star days before he vanished

Missing rugby and X Factor star Levi Davis recorded a final video in which he claimed he was being blackmailed by a criminal gang who threatened to murder him and his family before he vanished without a trace.

Davis, 24, posted the chilling clip on social media shortly before he disappeared in Barcelona in October but it was quickly deleted, raising suspicions that someone other than Levi had access to his accounts.

Now the video has been unearthed three months on from his disappearance, with the promising rugby talent and singer’s whereabouts still unknown.

In the black-and-white clip, obtained by private investigator Gavin Burrows’ firm Line of Inquiry, Davis stares straight into the camera and delivers a speech with a deadpan expression.

‘Hello, my name is Levi Davis, and my life is in danger… I beg that you listen and try to understand what I’m telling you,’ he says, before going on to say he was being blackmailed and threatened by a group of individuals whom he believes will kill him and his family should he reveal their identity.

Davis also alleges he gave police information about his manipulators, but that corrupt officers fed the information right back to them and refused to help him.

It comes as Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia claimed last week that the 24-year-old had racked up considerable debts to the Somali mafia in London.


Levi says that after he completed his stint on X Factor in 2019, he met an unnamed individual with whom he began a relationship and met regularly, until one time he was drugged.

He alleges he was filmed performing various sexual acts in ‘compromising positions’ while under the influence, and his blackmailers used this to control and manipulate him.

Levi later claims he went to the police to give information because ‘something was happening to me and wasn’t something good’, but alleged his blackmailers had contacts in the police force.

‘The information that I gave to the police went directly back to these individuals… there is a large amount of police corruption and the only way that these people would’ve had access to my private interviews with the police is through it being leaked,’ the rugby player declared.

Levi adds that he ‘conformed to the demands’ of his blackmailers for some time and that they tried to convince him he was suffering from psychosis to prevent him from publicly making any allegations.

Finally, Levi declares that by making the video he is ‘taking his power back’ and claims his manipulators may be connected to a government minister – though he refused to give any names to protect himself.


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