Simon Ekpa Biography – Age, Career, How he was arrested in Finland, And Net Worth


Simon Ekpa Biography – Age, Career, How he was arrested in Finland, And Net WorthEver since his arrest, Nigerians have been searching, who is Simon Ekpa online. So, here is what we know about Simon Ekpa, who is Nnamdi Kanu’s Disciple on Biafra Restoration. Simon Ekpa is a strong advocate of Biafra, TSB News reports.


He is 37 years old.


A former soldier, Ekpa was born in Ebonyi state and represented Nigeria meritoriously as an athlete until his Biafra consciousness caught fire.

He represented Nigeria at the 2003 African Junior Athletics Championships in Cameroon, where he won a silver medal.

He rose to prominence after being picked as the lead broadcaster for Radio Biafra following Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration.

He has remained in the political consciousness of Nigerians ever since, thanks partly to his acerbic takes on Nigeria and vehement demands for Biafra independence.

How he was arrested in Finland

Ekpa was taken into custody on Thursday 48 hours before the start of the general elections in Nigeria.

Criminal Investigator, Tommi Reen from the Central Criminal Police told the HS news outlet that the Keskusrikospoliisi (KRP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Finland had a police operation in a private apartment in the centre of Lahti.

Reen said the operation was connected to an ongoing preliminary investigation. He did not comment further on the matter.

Nigeria had asked Finland to intervene in Ekpa’s activities. Last week, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Godfrey Onyeama invited the Finnish ambassador, Leena Pylvänäinen to a meeting.

The Finland-based legal practitioner and a former athlete is known for his subversive comments against the country and its leadership.

The political activist had in recent years spoken against the unity of the country, insisting the Republic of Biafra must be achieved.

Ekpa increased his campaigns after June 2021 re-arrest and repatriation of Nnamdi Kanu, founder of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Security and intelligence service have linked the kidnapping and murders in the South-East to speeches made by Ekpa.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is not available at the moment.


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