8 worst-tasting fruits in the world according to a study


8 worst-tasting fruits in the world according to a study

Mashed.com did a poll on Youtube and Facebook and these are the fruits voted as the worst.

1. Watermelon

Dangerous side effects of taking too much watermelon

A lot of people hate watermelon. According to the poll by Mashed, the Facebook poll revealed that around 250 individual users believed that watermelons are the worst fruit. Watermelon was described as, “boring,” “bland,” and perhaps worst of all “barely-fruit-flavored wet sand.”

2. Pawpaw or papaya

A lot of people also seem to hate pawpaw, as do I! This fruit was described as “Papaya smells like fart and tastes like feet.” “It makes the fridge smell like vomit.”

Bananas are on some people’s worst fruits list. More than 45 Facebook and Youtube Mashed users said that bananas were the worst fruit. “Bananas are mushy, disgusting and smell terrible,” exclaimed one commenter. “The only fruit I absolutely cannot eat.” They’re disgustingly sweet, smell like baby vomit and they are kind of a sturdy, spongey, slimy consistency.

Fig is called esi opoto in Yoruba, but this Mediterranean fruit was described as “munching on the seeds is akin to eating grounded glass.” Another said, “I hate slimy, mushy fruit, yuck!”

This wasn’t in the Mashed poll, but it’s certainly on our list. How can a fruit that looks and smells so good taste so bad? It is the catfish of fruits.

Mangoes are like people who think they are all that when they are not. It gets ripe and spoiled so easily. Plus, licking a mango is so disgusting and messy.

This local fruit called African star apple is so tangy and sour, it’s a wonder people buy it simply on the off chance that it tastes good, which it never does.

Over 180 Youtube users said that Durians are the worst fruit in the world. “Smells like feet and has a slimy texture.” Another user said its aroma was comparable to sniffing “dirty diapers and socks at the same time.”


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