‘Should I Allow My Mother-In-Law Into Our Home, After What My Wife Did To My Mum?’


‘Should I Allow My Mother-In-Law Into Our HomeAfter What My Wife Did To My Mum?’I am the first child of my mother, and I have two younger male siblings. I am doing well financially. My wife is the last of four children in her family. My dad died when I was still at the university, and this affected my mum.

However, as she aged, her health waned. She was a retired teacher. My brothers are not in the country. Both of them are in Europe. I wanted to have my mother stay with me in her later years because of her health and loneliness but my wife did not want it.

Whenever she was ill and I brought her home to be with us, my wife was usually hostile, especially if my mum had stayed beyond a week. She did not hide her disapproval, and this caused problems in the marriage. People advised that I should send my mum away and pay someone to live with her and take care of her. They said that marriage was between a man and his wife, not between a man, his wife, and his mother. I did and peace returned. Eventually, my mum passed on after a few years.

Along the line, my father-in-law also died. And down the line, my mother-in-law’s health began to deteriorate. We live in the same town. Among my wife’s siblings, she is the only one doing quite well. Now there are suggestions that the mother should come and live with us so that my wife can give her proper care. I believe that her living with us and seeing her grandchildren will help her. And indeed I have no problem accepting her, but when i remember the treatment my wife gave to my mum, there is a strong revulsion, in fact, anger in me. I shared this with a friend, and he advised me to forgive my wife, but the revulsion is so strong that I would feel cheated if I agreed.

What do you guys think? She reminded me then that marriage was between a man and his wife only. Shouldn’t this also apply to my wife now?




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