7 Nigerian dishes you should try out this Easter

7 Nigerian dishes you should try out this Easter
7 Nigerian dishes you should try out this Easter

7 Nigerian dishes you should try out this Easter

These yummy meal ideas will put you right on track this Easter.

It’s easter and you’re probably wondering how best to enjoy the whole celebration, what to eat and drink, and probably entertain your guest.

Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. These yummy meals will most definitely leave you and your loved ones eating and licking fingers, and of, craving for more.

1. Nigerian Jollof rice

This meal is a favourite Nigerian meal recipe practically found in all homes in Nigeria. Jollof rice which is not peculiar to Nigerians alone is mostly served during special occasions and social events, one of such is Easter. It belongs to no particular tribe in the country, and it’s accepted by all.

Jollof is often served with chicken but can be enjoyed with vegetables, salads, fried or roasted fish.

2. Coconut rice

You know, how you take a bite from a food and probably expecting a particular taste, but boom! you get something else, of course, something better, tastier, yummy and delicious. That’s what happens upon the very first landing of coconut rice in your mouth.

The sweet taste of rice mixed with coconut is very exciting and that’s why we love our Nigerian coconut.

3. Pounded yam and Efo riro

The thought of this food has us salivating already.

Pounded yam happens to be one of the most popular ‘swallows’ consumed in the country with some pretty much delicious and tasty soups such Ogbonno, Egusi, Nsala etc.

Asides from the stress and bit of hard work that accompanies this meal, it’s one meal that one would ordinarily want to take every now and then.

4. Chicken Vegetable gravy

This meal is super healthy, so even if you’re on a mission to becoming the “world’s healthiest meal consumer” or a dietician, you are more than safe with this recipe.

This delicious meal is basically a combination of veggies and chicken.

5. Nigerian pancakes

Like every other pancake, Nigerian pancake is sweet, delicious and “belly-fulling”. You need as little as flour, sugar, milk, eggs and a little bit of spice (dry pepper) to make this meal.

6. Oatmeal cookies

Easter or any other celebration doesn’t exempt healthy meals, you know?

Oatmeal cookies is just totally wonderful, taste great and yummy. And of, course, relieving to know you’re eating the right kind of meal.

7. Abacha or African salad

Your Easter is definitely not complete without a taste of the delicious African salad. Made with cassava, pepper and palm oil, this meal is a typical Nigerian meal you can’t afford miss out on.

So, you can start making plans, go shopping and all, just so you have a great time and of course, a great meal this Easter.


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