Kemi Olunloyo writes open letter to Davido over DNA test on child he denied 10yrs ago; mentions B-Red, others


Kemi Olunloyo writes open letter to Davido over DNA test on child he denied 10yrs ago; mentions B-Red, others

Kemi Olunloyo, a controversial journalist, has written an open letter to singer Davido about how his mother, who passed away years ago, recently spoke to her in a dream about a child he denied ten years ago.

Remember that Kemi accused the musician in 2018 of forsaking his alleged first daughter after sleeping with prostitute Ayotomide Labinjo.

After a concert in an Ibadan nightclub where she was working in February 2013, the media personality claimed Davido slept with the woman.

According to Kemi, the woman conceived and gave birth to a daughter who was also named Ayo and is thought to be Davido’s child.

She claims that the singer eventually admitted to having relationships with her along with his gang, which included B-Red (Bayo), after initially denying it and refusing to submit to a DNA test.

Moving forward to 2023, Kemi claimed in an open letter posted on her Facebook page that Davido’s deceased mother had asked her to advise him to arrange his household in regard to her grandchildren, particularly his alleged daughter, Anu.

According to her, the OBO Crooner has refused to acknowledge Anu as his first child.

After Davido declined to assist, Kemi claimed she has been caring for the child and her mother since 2018.

She also added that all she wants is a new DNA test in order to know if she, Anu was fathered by Davido.

Kemi writes;

“Last night I heard Verolmade’s (My nickname for your late mom) voice in my dream and I had to write this today. I am appealing to you to read this. Your mother sent me to you. Organize your household regarding her grandchildren. I saw Ifeanyi on her lap feeding him.

Five years later l am begging you to do a DNA test for Anu. She is now 10yo. When I met her in Ibadan October 20th 2018, I showed her to the world, you ignored her press conference even saying how could you accept a child born to a one night stand prostitute? A child was conceived that night.

This child looks like all of you in your family. She’s an Adeleke. Do not regret what happened with Larissa’s son.

I met Anu poor, no school education and promptly registered her in school, paid fees and gave her 10K/mo child support for a year, opened a kiddie account for her that I will hand over signatory to her at 18yo. Though Ayo still insists she knows who she slept with, I was even asking for Bayo and you to submit for DNA then.”

Kemi added that the Singer’s late mum wants him to make amends and she (Kemi Olunloyo) is ready to organize a DNA test to be carried out ‘independently’ by both parties.