Saint Von Colucci Biography – Age, Career, How he died And Net worth


Saint Von Colucci Biography – Age, Career, How he died And Net worth

Saint Von Colucci was a Canadian-Brazilian singer, songwriter, music producer and DJ.



He was 23 years old.


He started his career as an child actor and commercial model in Toronto, Canada, and later worked in China and South Korea. In 2019, he started writing songs for other artists in South Korea under different pseudonyms. Later in 2020, he release three self written and produced songs entitled “Loving Too Hard”, “Kill and Die” and “Heartless”, under his DJ name “SAINT”. In January 2022, his agency “IBG PLUS” announced their plans to debut Colucci in South Korea as an KPOP artist. His debut EP “T1K T0K H1GH SC00L” is set to be release later in 2022.

How he died

Actor Saint Von Colucci has died at the age of 22 after undergoing twelve cosmetic surgeries over the course of a year in order to look like BTS singer Jimin.

Colucci passed away early Sunday, April 23, at a South Korea hospital due to complications from his most recent procedure, his publicist, Eric Blake, told on Monday, April 24.

Von Colucci — who moved from Canada to South Korea in 2019 in pursuit of a career in entertainment — went under the knife on Saturday, April 22, to remove jaw implants he had put in last November.

Following the operation, Van Colucci developed an infection and had to be intubated. He died hours later.

Net worth

His estimated net worth is not available at the moment.


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