Smoking is not good… smokers stink, says Don Jazzy


Smoking is not good… smokers stink, says Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, the music executive, says he quit smoking a long time ago, adding that “it is not good for the body”.

The Mavin Records head honcho spoke about his past lifestyle on the maiden edition of Doyin’s Corner, a podcast by Doyin David, the former BBNaija housemate.

The music producer also recalled when he was caught on camera with cigarettes and an encounter with an American fan who felt disappointed when she saw him smoking.

Don Jazzy said he felt “embarrassed and sad” over the two incidents.

He added that since he quit smoking, he has become uncomfortable around smokers because they “stink”.

“I used to smoke but I quit a long time ago. I didn’t think it was anything bad like that then because I was happy with myself doing it,” he said.

“I remember the first time I was caught in public, smoking. It was during a concert. They (organizers) captured me in a video while I was trying to adjust my eyeglasses. As I was adjusting it, my cigarette (held in hand) just showed.

“My timeline went agog. People were mad at me.

“In another instance, one American woman saw me. You know when you take a long flight on a plane and you have not been able to smoke, you would want to rush to light one cigarette.

“So, she was pushing a trolley. She passed and saw me smoking and said ‘Oh my God, my husband is such a big fan of yours. Don’t do that’.

“I felt very bad.

“F**k that sh*t. Smoking is not good. Smokers, you people are smelling. All of you smoking are stinking.

“You will see that if they (advertisers) write ‘you are smelling’ on (cigarette) packs, then people would quit smoking.”

Don Jazzy celebrated a year of quitting smoking in 2019.