Amanda Bynes is sad and isolated after being released from mental health facility


Amanda Bynes is sad and isolated after being released from mental health facility

Amanda Bynes has been feeling ‘sad and isolated’ after going back to living on her own in the wake of a recent mental health hold.

The 37-year-old All That actress has few friends keeping her spirits up, sources close to her told TMZ on Tuesday.

She has been spending plenty of time alone after since being released from a mental health facility in April and splitting from her former fiancé Paul Michael, who claimed they had broken up just days before her mental breakdown.

Prior to her hospitalization, Amanda had seemed excited about fashion design, after graduating from California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2019.

She had also been attending a cosmetology college last year to train to be a nail technician.

However, her interest in both career paths seems to have waned since being released from the hospital.

However, the sources close to her added that she might regain her passions in the future.

One spot of good news is that the former actress has been staying engaged with her treatments and has been regularly attending her outpatient treatments.

She has been seeing a therapist since her release, and she has reportedly been keeping up with her mental health medications.

Hopefully Amanda will get back to having social connections with friends and family, but those close to her were at least optimistic that her ex Paul wouldn’t reenter her life.

They claimed that he was of no support to her during her recent mental health crisis and hospitalization, and they feared he could have a toxic influence on her recovery if he is let back into her inner circle.

Sources previously told that ‘she has been advised to continue to distance herself from her’ former fiancé.

The source added last month that ‘her family and friends believe that her split was a catalyst in her breakdown and that he is not a healthy and safe person for her to be around.’

The source went on to say that the former pair ‘were codependent on each other, and the latter part of their relationship was toxic due, in part, to the fact that they met in rehab.

‘They substituted their addiction to substances for an addiction for each other,’ they added.

But as for now, Amanda is allegedly just staying in touch with family.


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