Brazilian man Antônio Pereira  kills daughter and son-in-law


Brazilian man Antônio Pereira  kills daughter and son-in-law

A Brazilian man gunned down his daughter and son-in-law and also wounded two other people before he was shot dead.

Antônio Pereira, 45, broke into the home of his son-in-law’s parents on Monday to hunt down his daughter, Poliana de Oliveira, 24, and sought out revenge after he was convicted of allegedly raping her, police in the southern city of Galvão said.

Civil Police chief Roberto Fronza said that the gunman had been allowed to remain free while he appealed the conviction.

Pereira entered the home through a window at 5:30 am and opened fired, striking his daughter and her husband, Ewerton de Oliveira, 30.

He also shot and wounded Ewerton de Oliveira’s brother and father.

However, one of them returned fire and shot and Pereira while they protected Ewerton de Oliveira’s mother from being harmed.

‘We cannot yet specify who fired the shots at the perpetrator as we have were unable to hear from the survivors,’ Fronza said.

Both victims were taken to a hospital, although authorities did not provide an update on their condition.

Pereira was rushed to a medical facility, where he was pronounced dead.

According to the military police, Pereira had a lengthy criminal history that included arrests for assault, theft, contempt and slander.


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