Why CORSX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence has gone viral with over a billion views on TikTok


Why CORSX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence has gone viral with over a billion views on TikTok
 CORSX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence has become a regular fixture in the beauty routines of TikTokers (the hashtag #SnailMucin has reached 1.3 billion TikTok video views).

In fact, it’s so popular that  one CORSX snail slime essences sells every 15 seconds in the UK.

Its popularity seems to be down to the way it changes the skin and makes it look (it’s unlikely that these beauty buffs are slapping slime on their faces for the fun of it).

This particular essence has been enriched with 96.3 per cent snail secretion filtrate (snail slime to you and me), which has been dubbed as a ‘wonder K-Beauty ingredient’.

This snail secretion filtrate works to repair and soothe red, sensitized skin after breakouts by replenishing moisture, while improving skin elasticity (something many of us need). It also improves the skin’s vitality by reducing dullness, which is just great.

It has a lightweight texture that immediately seeps into the skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing. This all means that you can flaunt a glowing, dewy complexion, and no one will ever guess that a bunch of snails are behind it!

We love snails, so we are happy to hear that the mucin has been collected from them in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Of course, along with the sun, sea and sky, snail slime is about as natural as it gets; so, this essence is also 100 per cent natural.

With all of these things, it’s easy to see why this dermatologically-tested essence has racked up a big following from skincare buffs. It’s even a firm fave for the model Emily Ratajkowski – she always has a flawless complexion, so it’s pretty good if she’s anything to by.

In fact, the essence has racked up an impressive 22,114 five-star reviews on Amazon. Some users have noted how ‘healthy’ and ‘plump’ it has made their skin, while others have commented on the ‘glowy’ complexion it has given them.

‘Love it!’ raved one happy shopper. ‘My skin has been thriving ever since I bought this I have had less breakouts and my skin looks so healthy and plump. I 100 per cent recommend it.’

‘Amazing.’ a second agreed. ‘It hydrates your skin and my skin after the course of a few weeks, my skin has never felt better. I have not had any monthly breakouts and it has enhanced my skin so much.’

A third penned: ‘My face is so glowing and everybody is asking what I use. I will definitely be buying this again.’

So, if you’re after a glowy complexion and are willing to try snail slime, then shop the CORSX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence for £18.98 on Amazon.


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