5 Places to go paintballing in Lagos

5 Places to go paintballing in Lagos

5 Places to go paintballing in Lagos

Paintballing is a fun activity for groups, it could be church workers units, office teams or just a group of friends.

Paintball is a combatant team sport. The teams try to eliminate each other by shooting dye-filled balls (pellets) at each other. If anyone gets hit with the ball, they are automatically out of the game.

Paintballing encourages teamwork and co-operation, it is also requiring physical activities like running and hiding, in that way it helps you exercise. Alsom playing outdoors reduces feelings of depressions and anxiety. Most importantly, it is a lot of fun.

Most of the paintballing arenas require you to pay money. The fee usually starts from N7,000 for one person.

If you are in the city of Lagos, these are some places you should consider paintballing at.

1.Leisure sport paintball

Leisure sport paintball is located Lekki Peninsula has an amazing and beautiful space for paintballing.

The space is also for playing other games like volleyball, and basketball. To play the games especially paintballing you would have to pay a fee.

2.Ultimate sport arena

5 Places to go paintballing in Lagos

Ultimate sport arena is located at Magodo. It is mostly suited for corporate bonding, but you can book a session with their friends on their website.

3.Ziggies entertainment centre

Ziggies is an outdoor paintball area at Magodo, you pay at least N7,000 per person for a session and money for additional pellets.

4.Empire Sports Paintball

Empire sports paintball is located at Elegushi beach and, it is perfect for bonding with your friends and family over the weekend.

There is also a bar and barbecue spot for you to relax before or after paintballing.

5.Leisure sport paintball Landmark

5 Places to go paintballing in Lagos

Leisure Sports Paintball Landmark

This is beautiful paintballing course is located at Landmark beach in Victoria Island.

If you are in the mood for some team bonding and rush of andrenaline then check out these places.