“Age is just a number” – 58-year-old woman flaunts her banging figure as she works out on road (Video)


“Age is just a number” – 58-year-old woman flaunts her banging figure as she works out on road (Video)

A 58-year-old woman has become an internet sensation after a video of her impressive workout routine on the road went viral on social media.

Known as the “Workout Queen,” her dedication to fitness and youthful appearance has captured the attention and admiration of netizens worldwide.

In the video, the quinquagenarian can be seen performing squats and hopping exercises as she moves along the road.

The intensity and agility displayed by the Workout Queen have left many viewers in awe.

Her eight-second clip has quickly gained popularity, accumulating over 209k views and counting.

According to the Workout Queen, her fitness journey became consistent when she turned 50.

She firmly believes that incorporating strength training into every fitness routine is essential for maintaining overall health and vitality.

Her dedication and perseverance have evidently paid off, as her banging figure and youthful appearance have left many netizens astounded.

The viral video has prompted numerous comments from netizens, with some expressing their disbelief at her age, mistaking her for someone in her 20s or 30s.

Netizens Reactions….

@Real Luv said; “It’s so hard to get started and stay motivated. I’ll be 51 people tell me I look 30. I want to start and stay consistent. Any advice?”

@MDotB said;  “I am so out of shape and it is depressing me which keeps me from getting up and out. I need to get it together.”

@Arlette said; “That was my 58 prior to vaccine now have neurological disease and can barely walk!”

@Royalty said: “There is hope for me yet. Stopped working out during Covid Wanna go back but zero motivation ‍ Turning 40 soon. Thank you. I needed this ❤️.

@queendocars said; “You’re older than my mom but looking younger than me.”

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@blondlocs Fitness over 50 is so important, we must incorporate strength training with each routine. ##fitnessover50##over50fit##summerbodyworkouts##thighsworkout ♬ DADDY – 🇰🇪🇩🇪