I am a sugar baby – Charlotte Davies says are older men are more respectful than my exes


I am a sugar baby – Charlotte Davies says are older men are more respectful than my exes

A sugar baby said blokes pay her to go on dates, travel the world and enjoy paid-for shopping trips – and she even feels more respected by her sugar daddies than her ex partners.

Charlotte Davies, 24, from Ealing, London, began casually dating last summer after ending an eight-year relationship, until she was inspired by a TV series that explores the world of the ‘sugar baby’ side hustle.

In January this year, the 24-year-old started using an app that connects women with men who are willing to pay hundreds for dinner dates, holidays and even sex.

The social media marketing executive shared her story on TikTok last month, where she claims she is ‘given money literally to just exist’ while being taken to ‘amazing places without spending a penny’.

Charlotte claims that her sugar daddies have taken her on trips to Paris, stumped up for first-class travel and forked out for dinner, drinks and hotels – and pay the sugar baby £200 per date alongside.

The Londoner claims that her cohort of rich businessmen and bankers are ‘really nice people’ and that she is enjoying having the ‘benefits of a traditional relationship without the commitment’.

The modern dater says that she feels more respected by her 10 sugar daddies than she did by the men from more conventional apps that she dated casually, and finds the arrangement to be ‘mutually beneficial’.

Charlotte goes on one to two dates with her sugar daddies a week, and enjoys boosting their self-esteem – and claims that they do the same for her in return.

The part-time sugar baby claims that she meets with potential sugar daddies first to see whether they get along, before discussing rates for dates and sex.

Charlotte said: ‘At the time, I’d gotten out of an eight-year-long relationship, so I knew that I didn’t want to get into anything serious anytime soon.

‘The only dating I was doing was very casual, so I just thought that this was like what I’m doing anyway – except I wasn’t getting paid for it.