3 unbelievable reasons mosquitoes are more attracted to you than others


3 unbelievable reasons mosquitoes are more attracted to you than others

Mosquitoes are an annoying menace.

Everything, from their bites to the humming sound they make in your ear, rudely waking you up from your perfect sleep, is simply annoying.

Many people have reported that mosquito sprays and insecticides no longer effectively kill these pests, and the mosquitoes seem to find a way to penetrate even the repellent nets meant to keep them away.


Why were mosquitoes even created? They are so useless. And to make things worse, they infect you with diseases like malaria.

The bites of a mosquito are actually a big deal because these tiny insects can be deadly, acting as vectors and transmitting infectious pathogens and diseases. Shockingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that these kinds of vector-borne diseases are linked to more than 700,000 deaths annually, making mosquitoes one of the deadliest animals on Earth!

Now, why is one of the deadliest animals on earth after your life? What makes you so attractive to them? Here are some of the reasons:

Your blood type
Did you know that mosquitoes have a favourite blood type? It’s true.

Among the four main blood types – A, B, AB, and O, studies have shown that these annoying insects are especially attracted to people with type O blood, followed closely by those with type A.

Let me tell you a little story about my experience.

Back in school, I once stayed over at a friend’s hostel to prepare for an important exam. It was a rainy night with no electricity and my friend had earlier advised me to wear pop socks for protection against mosquitoes.

So, I followed her advice and prepared myself. But as we started studying around 11 pm, I noticed that the mosquitoes seemed to have singled me out as their prime target, buzzing and biting while my friend remained surprisingly untouched.

When she saw me struggling, she laughed and said, “They usually attack me every night, but tonight, they’re all on your case. Are you AA?” I nodded in agreement, and we both had a good laugh about it.

You see, mosquitoes are attracted to specific chemicals and compounds in our blood. This means that if you happen to have a blood type that they love, like mine with type AA, you might just become their main course for the evening.

You prefer to wear dark clothes
Yes, we know you have a penchant for dark clothes but while you’re rocking that chic look, keep in mind that you may have become top target on mosquito’s “people-to-suck” list.

You might be thinking, “Nah? That’s BS!” But there’s some truth to it. Dark-coloured clothing, like black, navy blue, or deep red, when combined with movement and breath, makes it easier for these insects to find you.

Reasons? Heat absorption. When you wear these shades, they tend to trap more heat from the surroundings and mosquitoes are attracted to heat as I stated earlier. Dark colours also create a silhouette that mosquitoes recognise as potential food. They can easily track your movements and breath which, in turn, makes it easier for you to be tracked and of course, sucked.

On the other hand, light-coloured clothing blends in better with the environment, making it harder for mosquitoes to spot you.

Your body odour caused by sweating
Mosquitoes are drawn to our body odour primarily caused by sweating. When we sweat, our bodies emit moisture, and mosquitoes are naturally attracted to areas with higher humidity levels, such as sweaty skin.

One of the main compounds in sweat that lure mosquitoes is lactic acid. When combined with carbon dioxide, which we exhale as we breathe, it creates an irresistible scent for these pesky insects. So, if you’re sweaty and producing a significant amount of lactic acid, mosquitoes will be strongly drawn to you.

Research has revealed that mosquitoes have a specialised smell receptor in their antennae that responds to the chemicals found in human sweat. It’s like they have a built-in radar for detecting our scent and finding their next blood meal.

This means if your armpits or any part of your body, really are sweaty and strong-smelling, you might be sending out unwanted signals to pesky mosquitoes.

Bonus point: You are pregnant
With all the bodily changes and stress you deal with during pregnancy, you’d think mosquitoes would have the decency to leave you alone. But no, these bloodsuckers are not that considerate. In fact, being pregnant seems to make you more attractive to them.

Studies have revealed some reasons why mosquitoes are particularly drawn to pregnant women. First off, your body goes through various changes during pregnancy. One of which is the increase in carbon dioxide output. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to deeper and quicker breathing, causing you to release more of the mosquito-attracting carbon dioxide.

Your body temperature also plays a role. During pregnancy, both you and the foetus emit extra heat and mosquitoes are attracted to heat so do the math.