Bride Arrives White Wedding Venue With Convoy Of Horses (Video)


Bride Arrives White Wedding Venue With Convoy Of Horses (Video)

A video has captured the moment a bride arrived at her wedding venue on a horse in Ghana.

The bride’s grand arrival on a white horse, accompanied by her bridal train, left onlookers in awe.

The scene, captured by a resident and shared widely online, depicted the bride elegantly seated atop a magnificent white horse as she made her way to the church where the ceremony was to take place.

The bride’s entourage, a blend of horses and cars, created a stunning display of opulence and tradition, attracting the attention of passersby and motorists who couldn’t help but marvel at the spectacle.

The bride, adorned in a breathtaking wedding gown, exuded grace and poise as she rode the horse with regal composure.

Accompanied by her bridal train, who walked alongside her, the bride was captured on film by a photographer, ensuring that every moment of this extraordinary entrance was preserved for eternity.

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