Don’t Come To The UK If You Are Guilty Of These 10 Things


Don’t Come To The UK If You Are Guilty Of These 10 Things

Life in the United Kingdom is far different from what most Nigerian men are used to in their home countries. The points here might appear so simple but they count in the preparedness of a man in bracing up for the challenging task ahead.

They constitute the essential ingredients that put the final touches to the taste of a good soup. Come with me and let’s dive into these points:

(1) No creditworthiness:
If you are not creditworthy, you might struggle in the UK, because the credit score is taken seriously here. You will struggle to secure loans and mortgages. Even offline, your friends and colleagues might be hesitant to assist you financially during difficult times.

(2) Cheating:
In Nigeria, cheating married men are like celebrities, especially when they have financial muscle. Even when their wives know, they endure the problem. In the UK, cheating on your wife might render you homeless and even pave a visa route for her and the children through your downfall. If you are a serial cheat, it might be better for you to remain in Nigeria where you are a king without a crown.

(3) Pride:
Some Nigerians are excessively proud. They never do household chores and they brag about it. It is too expensive to secure domestic workers here and the terms of engagement are too strict. You might have to keep your hands dirty at home to keep your marriage going. Some jobs also come with insults and talking instructions from underage or far younger colleagues. If you can’t handle it, you might be forced to sleep rough and go hungry due to being broke.

(4) Obsession with white-collar jobs:
In the UK, it is easier for you to easily get blue-collar jobs and make good money from there as an immigrant pending when you are fully integrated into the system. You might be forced to come down from your high horse to work in factories, restaurants, warehouses, care homes, and hospitals; playing menial roles. If all you know is wearing suits and ties in cozy office environments and signing documents, the UK might not be for you.

(5) Laziness:
Making money in the UK is quite tough. If the money sent to Nigeria could talk, some people will not touch it. The majority of immigrants do transitional jobs of an average of 12hrs per day and 6 days a week to make ends meet. The cost of living is too high at this point. A lazy man who is used to enjoying free cash from petty crimes in Nigeria will certainly not fit in here.

(6) Can’t manage loneliness:
This affects single people more. Over here, people would only check up on you if they need you. Everything is highly transactional! This gets to everyone at some point. You have to manage it well before you get in bed with the nearest ‘mad’ person.

(7) Tolerance/Endurance:
Immigrants who work in health and social care must possess this attribute. The money might be good but there is a reason why the labour turnover in this sector is very high and visa sponsorships are given for people to remain there. This is because of the unconventional nature of the jobs. If you can’t tolerate or endure the smoke, you might end up begging the Tinubu victims in Nigeria for money right from the UK.

(8)Hate cooking:
If you don’t have cooking skills in the UK, you will suffer oh! You will end up eating foreign foods that you might find tasteless. You will spend a lot on patronizing Nigerian food vendors who sometimes cook burnt offerings for the gods. You will eat junk food till you become pregnant without a forthcoming baby after 9 months.

(9) Lacking good communication skills:
Being able to communicate in good and simple English is very essential in the UK. It is very imperative when attending a job interview. It is the easiest way to sell yourself even when the certificate might be lacking. It shows your level of intelligence and how adaptable you can be. If you are poor in this area, your progress might be hampered in the UK.

(10) Cold:
If you are the type that screams ‘weather for two’ anytime rain falls in Nigeria, the UK might not be for you. If you can become sexually restless under a weather condition of 25 degrees Celsius in Nigeria, imagine what you would do when it falls to 0 in the UK. And this isn’t a place to be randy. It is very expensive and dangerous to do so. Read the stories of the former Manchester City defender, Benjamin Mendy or Adam Johnson and learn.


Credit: Osahon George Osayimwen writes from the United Kingdom