Rate Enioluwa’s Scottish outfit on a scale of 1-10


Rate Enioluwa’s Scottish outfit on a scale of 1-10

TSB News reports that Enioluwa who used to be known as the lip gloss boy has grown to be one of Nigeria’s sought out influencers.

He describes himself as a writer, art director, media, and communications specialist. He has changed the narrative of what a guy should do and wear with his unique style.

Enioluwa recently stormed an EU event in a Scottish outfit. Rate his look on a scale of 1-10


Enioluwa Biography


Enioluwas is 24 years old in 2023. He was born in July 1999.


He is a writer and art director and has changed the perception that only women can be beautiful. He connects with males who make up, who are his primary target audience on his page. His notion is that men can look attractive too.

Net worth

Eni is reportedly worth 1 million dollars.



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