Actress Sarah Martins apologises to May Edochie and her family


Actress Sarah Martins apologises to May Edochie and her family

Actress Sarah Martins has apologised to May Edochie and her family and says she no longer wants anything to do with the Edochie family ‘drama.’

Nigerians have consistently dragged Sarah on hot coal over her repeated support for Judy, the second wife of Yul Edochie. Last week, she was accused of paying people to k!ll Danielle, the daughter of May and Yul Edochie., an allegation she has come out to deny.

In a fresh interview with DaddyFreeze, Sarah said she is exhausted and is sincerely sorry for anything she might have done against May and her family. She said she was only trying to be there for her friend Judy but that at this point, she will no longer get involved in their family drama.

She also apologised to Rita Edochie who she insulted on Instagram last week.

Her post reads;

“I want my sanity and peace of mind!

So on this note, I no longer want to be associated with the Edochie’s family drama

On my lane henceforth

To Queen May and her entire family, I am sorry for all the emotional stress I must have caused you with my utterances and tantrums

To Rita Edochie, I am sorry for insulting you out of anger yesterday

To the fans of May, please accept my apology and let peace rein

I do not have anything against May and will never do

To my fans and well wishers, I am sorry if this post do not seat well with you please forgive me in advance”

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