Nigerians React to BBNaija All Stars Jury System


Nigerians React to BBNaija All Stars Jury System
After the eviction of Uriel at the #BBNaija All Stars eviction show on Sunday, people took to their social media pages to express their displeasure with the jury system that has – for two weeks straight – saved Seyi.

Here’s why: Seyi has been the least voted-for housemate in 2 weeks, and if we’re going by the old model of housemates being evicted or saved solely by viewers’ votes, Seyi should be out of the house by now. In fact, since last week. 2 weeks ago, the jury saved Seyi over Princess – who had more votes than him. Last week, they saved Seyi over Uriel who also had more votes than him. But this time around, viewers were done.

How Does the Big Brother Naija Jury Work?

Every week, Big Brother selects 3 ex-BBNaija housemates to make up a jury. They are then shown the housemates who are in the bottom 2 that week (that is, the 2 housemates with the least votes).

Based on their discretion, the jury then selects who leaves the house and who stays. Now, it doesn’t matter if whoever they save had the least vote; they have the power to decide the fate of these housemates.

The Jurors, Personal Biases and Voters’ Autonomy

The jurors have come under fire for some reasons which include saving their besties, people they are familiar with or people they have a soft spot for. Another accusation is that the jurors are not watching the show so they are not making well-informed decisions. Imagine doing miniminimanimo and voting out someone who is giving the viewers premium content simply because you didn’t watch the show.

Another concern is that this jury system is stripping viewers of their power and voice. If the viewers say a particular housemate is not entertaining them enough and they want this housemate out, the jury can overturn this decision. What then is the essence of voting if their fave – who they worked hard to keep – is booted out of the house while another is given many chances to remain? Where is the fairness in the game?

Viewers Propose, Jurors Dispose

One thing we must realise is that Big Brother Naija is a game – housemates are there to play, rules are there to make this game tougher, and like every other game, rules and/or hurdles are made to make some people fall off along the line. Also, like the organisers say, “Big Brother’s house, Big Brother’s rules.” Of course, viewers may feel slighted, hurt or cheated, but it is what it is; even life is not 100% fair. What do they say about not blaming the player again?

Of course, not everyone is opposed to the jury system. In fact, some people may just have embraced it for one reason: this is a game. Once you decide you want to be on it, then you have to be ready for whatever will be thrown your way.

What do you think of the jury system?