Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo sparks outrage as he explains why a man should be married at 24 (Video)


Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo sparks outrage as he explains why a man should be married at 24 (Video)

Popular Nigerian Clergyman, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has sparked outrage with his latest statement.

The relationship coach and counselor, during a recent event, explained why a man should be married at age 24.

He noted how in many developed countries, at age 18, many don’t live in their parents’ houses and are already exposed to responsibility. He referred to how many teenagers in Silicon Valley are already billionaires and are developing things that are changing the world.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, a man is still in his father’s house at age 28 and is running errands.

“I don’t know why a man should be above 23 or 24 and not be married. Your mate in animal kingdom has grandchildren, and your mate at 18 in developed countries has left their parents’ house, which exposes them to responsibility really quickly.

But in Nigeria, you can be 28 and still be sucking your mother’s boobs, they are still sending you messages.

Your mate in Silicon Valley at 18 or 19 are already billionaires, they’re developing things that are changing the world”.


Many who were left furious and unimpressed with the statement, took to social media to blast him.


One Elohim Elsha wrote, “This one is always patronizing people with his overwe!ght body. Probably cheats on his wife.”

One Julezobi wrote, “The man will feed his family and extended family with Air and Water, pay bills with imagination. Take care of his kids by listening to this kind of sermon”

One Tobiloba Amusa wrote, “To those of you attacking him. It’s obvious the situation of the country has restricted your brain. In developed countries, at 24 you are already working and in your apartment. You are already mature mentally. There is nothing bad if a 24-year-old man is married. Except he has not really found his soul mate. 2pac died at the age of 24, imagine his level of maturity when he was alive”

One Mayor wrote, “Age doesn’t determine when someone should get married. It’s a personal choice and timeline. For this economy

One Incredible MC wrote, “But I agree with the part where one should leave his parents early. It helps one become responsible and think up ways to make it. About marriage, when you stand well. Marriage will happen