Alia Ismail reveals why she is de-transitioning after becoming a man


Alia Ismail reveals why she is de-transitioning after becoming a man

An American woman who had a double mastectomy when she lived as a trans man is now planning to have surgery to get her breasts back.

Alia Ismail, now 28, came out as a transgender man when she was 18 and began a medical transition that saw her take hormones and have her breasts removed at 20.

But in February 2021, Alia, decided to detransition after realizing that her new identity as a trans man didn’t represent who she was. ‘Now, at 28, I finally feel like a woman,’ she said. ‘I’m so empowered by the struggles I’ve gone through as a woman. Being a woman is hard and you have to be resilient and strong. I am strong.’

Her first step in her detransitioning journey was to stop taking testosterone.

Alia made the choice to live as a woman without breasts, but two years on, she has decided to have a fat graft transfer to create breasts after growing ‘frustrated’ by her body.

She says that she also plans to use a breast enhancement device to stretch her skin and have more blood flow to her breasts, which can be beneficial for the surgery.

Alia explained: ‘Fat grafting is the least invasive option. I didn’t want to put anything in my body that wasn’t the most natural process. There are a lot of health concerns with implants. She said she has movements when she wishes she never had her double mastectomy.

‘I’m here now, and all I can do is figure out how to move forward. It was a part of my path,’ she said.

‘I feel hopeful for my up-and-coming surgery. It’s something I thought deeply about for the last two and a half years, and I have come to accept that this is the best option for myself.

‘I have also accepted that if it doesn’t work then I am okay with my breasts as they are, but I am confident that this will be successful.

Alia previously said that she doesn’t regret her transition on the whole because it’s made her the person she is today.

She said: ‘It was a key time in my life of self-discovery into the person I am today.’



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