Five Bali staff killed in elevator crash at Ayuterra Resort in Ubud


Five Bali staff killed in elevator crash at Ayuterra Resort in Ubud

Five young hotel workers have been killed after a steel lift cable snapped at a Bali resort and plunged them 100 meters down.

The two men and three women were working in the housekeeping department at Ayuterra Resort in the Ubud district when they got into an glass lift, which runs on a track up a 35-degree slope, at 1pm on Friday.

The workers were identified as Ni Luh Superningsih, 20, Kadek Hardiyanti, 24, Kadek Yanti Pradewi, 19, Sang Putu Bayu Adi Krisna, 19, and Wayan Aries Setiawan, 23.

It was also gathered that their families were paid just over $4,000 in compensation from their employers, on the condition they will not launch legal action against the resort.

According to local media, families have been given between IDR158.2m ($16,308) and IDR166.1m ($17,122) from social security program BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, and about IDR 40m ($4112) from the resort owners to cover cremation rituals and on compassionate grounds.

However, the added support from Ayuterra Resort meant families would not be able to launch legal action against the company.

The uncle of Mr. Hardiyanti, Nyoman Suarila told local publication Kumparan, that he accepted the terms.

‘Even if we sue, our children will not return,’ he said. The families met with Bali’s deputy governor, Cok Ace, over the weekend as Balinese Hindu ceremonies were held to cleanse the site and wish the victims well.

‘I was at the resort earlier; the Bali Police were there, the police chief too, as well as several witnesses who knew of the incident,’ he said. ‘Earlier, when I was being interviewed there, I saw for myself the scene where the rope had broken.’

All guests at the resort have been relocated to other accommodations while the investigation is underway.