“Bob dey smell?” Phyna shows irritation while sitting with Bobrisky at an event (Video)


“Bob dey smell?” Phyna shows irritation while sitting with Bobrisky at anevent (Video)

Phyna, a former winner on Big Brother Naija, has once again found herself in the spotlight, this time for a rather amusing reason. In a recent video, she can be seen sitting next to Bob Risky, and what caught the most attention was her facial expression.

Observers noted that her expression seemed to convey a sense of disgust and irritation. As Bob Risky leaned in to talk to her, her expression intensified, leading many to believe that she really didn’t want to be close to him.

While the conversation continued, there was a visible reluctance on her part to engage in the discussion, even though the exact content of their conversation remained a mystery.

Speculations began to swirl, with some suggesting that Bob Risky might not have been smelling pleasant, thus explaining Phyna’s facial reaction.

Others, however, argued that people might be overanalyzing the situation, and there might be a different explanation for her expression.

See the video below:


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Some netizens reactions below: 

One Hannan Hukpor wrote, “The environment might not be what she is used to

One Their Maxx wrote, “Bob is more popular than Phyna, she might be star-struck

One Aderonke wrote, “Maybe he is smelling

One Snow Flake wrote, “Most of them don’t look comfortable. That place go dey smell

One Badgalci wrote, “I think she’s just high

One Mammie Africa wrote, “She dey think say why trans go hot pass her