“Does that mean he is broke” Netizens reacts to news of DonJazzy selling Mavin Records


“Does that mean he is broke” Netizens reacts to news of DonJazzy selling Mavin Records

Few hours ago a bombshell dropped when it was revealed that Don Jazzy is considering selling Mavin’s record label. This revelation has left people in shock and led to a lot of different speculations.

Some folks are connecting the dots to the ongoing record label disputes in Nigeria’s music industry. With several artists publicly criticizing their label managers, some believe Don Jazzy might be trying to avoid such conflicts. Also reported emerged that Don Jazzy still plans to be the primary person that will control the record.

On the other hand, there are whispers about financial issues. Some have suggested that this decision could be a result of financial challenges, although this is just speculation at this point.

As always, Nigerians are swift to share their opinions, and reactions have been all over the map. Some are supportive of Don Jazzy, trusting his judgment and hoping for the best. Others are a bit skeptical and concerned about the future of Mavin Records.


One ellachikezie had this to say,

“Please let him not sell it off to non-Africans.

We must own our own things in order to be global players and compete with the global south music industry. Enough of foreigners coming to buy off from us. God bless Mavin records. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa!”

daniel_ blaq had this to say,

“Lol na only Mr Eazi go fit buy am manage am properly…”

olawande ayante had this to say,

“This guy is deep in business..only a business thinking mind will understand what he’s a about to do”

One ashabimajek had this to say,

“Without don jazzy, this record might turn out to be a disaster… Just saying! Good luck”

One saintony_diallo had this to say,

“Is their stock up on the market? is not really a Nigeria thing but that can put together quite a number of investors”

One genette_bouggie had this to say,

“Mavin is about to be massive like these internationa record abel”

One e11evenOtwo had this to say,

“The real RICH ain’t need noise or diamonds to prove nada”

olumide10110 had this to say,

“LOL…all the NFT he invested in are not -1000 (those that worth $600,00 then are now like


akorede.olaitan had this to say,

Hmmm! Do you think anyone wants to buy a mavin records that doesn’t have Don Jazz in it?