“I still dey reign but you don fade away” Speedy Darlington to Naira Marley


“I still dey reign but you don fade away” Speedy Darlington to Naira Marley

Speedy Darlington has declared that Naira Marley’s music career has faded. In a recent live video session, as he grooved to his own music, Speedy Darlington didn’t hold back in shading Naira Marley, asserting that while he himself is still reigning, Naira Marley’s star has started to fade.

These remarks from Speedy Darlington come at a time when the Nigerian music industry is undergoing a significant shift concerning Naira Marley’s career.

In recent weeks, the controversy surrounding Naira Marley has escalated to the point where major music channels like Soundcity and MTV Base have made the bold decision to remove Naira Marley’s songs from their playlists. This move signifies a turning point in the industry, with prominent players taking a stance against the artist.

Adding to this, Splash FM, another influential player in the music scene, has also joined the ranks of those discontinuing the play of Naira Marley’s songs. Their decision to do so serves as a call to action for other stations to follow suit. This collective response within the industry sends a clear and powerful message that controversies and alleged connections to tragic events will not be overlooked or tolerated.

one sternzman had this to say,

The dogs will come out when the lion is sick”

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“Mumu baba will come back stronger? your mumu will do and no be your fault nah people way dey post you I blame”

One amplifieronly had this to say,

“This one no like naira at all from the very beginning”

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