Reactions as Twitter user confirms the DNA result of Mohbad’s son is out


Reactions as Twitter user confirms the DNA result of Mohbad’s son is out

A Twitter user, identified as Wummy Dero, has stirred reactions as she revealed that the DNA results of late singer, Mohbad’s son has been out.

Following the singer’s death, many including celebrities have been clamoring for a DNA test to be done on Liam, his 5-month-old son to ascertain his paternity.

A Twitter user has now alleged that the result is out and questioned why those clamoring for the results are silent.

“The DNA for Mohbad’s son has been out and y’all all of a sudden quiet . Ev!l much!!”.

While many expressed doubt about the news as they noted how no DNA result had been shown online, others called for the arrest of Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo and Tiktoker, Very Dark Man who were clamoring for the test.

One Real Ademi Bukola wrote, “And they wanted to finish this lady because of linked chat! I wonder if couples don’t quarrel. Smh! As a woman, you’re already in soup if your husband doesn’t die a natural death, especially my Yoruba people

One Beauty Kills Montage wrote, “Very black man and co in the mud

One Call Me Juliee wrote, “The people that dragged his wife. Congratulations guys the result is out, go and collect it

One Xclusive Rahmat wrote, “Tor let pray very dark man accept the result first. Because he is the all-knowing

One Gold Rukky wrote, “Y’all just put that innocent baby and her mother through stress

One Xxquisite Fola wrote, “Dem suppose beat Aunty Kemi and that yeye guy

One Mama Dee wrote, “I said it, I seriously detest that Very Dark Man dirty clown

One Ayofaleye wrote, “Just imagine the trauma

One Oma Hairline Wholesale wrote, “It should be framed and well packaged and sent to Very Dark Man”.

Recall that among those passionately advocating for a paternity test was Kemi Olunloyo. The journalist had even gone as far as to claim that Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, had been sending individuals her way. Kemi Olunloyo had even hinted that she possessed the DNA test results and was prepared to share them with the world if Wunmi did not disclose the identity of her child’s father.

Also, Very Dark Man, a popular TikTok sensation, had joined the conversation surrounding Mohbad’s death. He stated that such a test is essential to remove any doubts surrounding the child’s paternity, as nearly everyone seems to be considered a suspect. He even put forth various reasons to support this suspicion, including allegations that Mohbad used his wife’s bank account when he was newly signed to Marlian Records due to not having one of his own.