Shisha Smoking Linked to Breast Cancer – Aproko Doctor


Shisha Smoking Linked to Breast Cancer – Aproko Doctor

Aproko Doctor, a social media influencer, has recently shared vital health advice regarding breast cancer with his female followers.

A key message he’s conveyed centers around the potential health hazards associated with shisha use, especially among young girls. In contrast to the belief that shisha is harmless, Aproko Doctor underscores its serious health implications.

Shisha consumption has the potential to alter cellular structures in the body, raising the risk of mutations that can culminate in cancer. This holds particular relevance in Nigeria, where breast cancer is a significant concern among adolescents and young individuals.

To mitigate the risk of breast cancer, Aproko Doctor strongly recommends avoiding shisha altogether. Even seemingly harmless flavored variations, like pineapple or moimoi, can be deceptive, as they often contain harmful toxins detrimental to the body.

In addition to his warnings about shisha,Aproko Doctor has provided valuable health tips in other areas. He has advocated for walking as an effective and natural method for weight loss. His recommendation suggests opting for walking instead of relying on buses or cars for transportation, as regular and extended walking can help individuals shed excess pounds.

Furthermore, Aproko Doctor has raised concerns regarding kitchen sponges. He contends that many kitchen sponges harbor more germs and bacteria than toilet seats, primarily due to improper cleaning. To maintain a sanitary kitchen sponge, he recommends regular soaking in bleach or using hand sanitizer to ensure the thorough removal of germs and bacteria.

Aproko Doctor is known for consistently spreading the word on the importance of practicing a safe and healthy lifestyle. He also preaches on safeguarding personal well-being and promoting good hygiene practices.