“They want to kill us with food” – Nigerian lady on I.T at Total Energies shares experience at company


“They want to kill us with food” – Nigerian lady on I.T at Total Energies shares experience at company

A young Nigerian lady revealed her incredible story of obtaining an internship at Total Energies’ Nigerian headquarters.

Her story has focused on her amazing experience working with the organization, particularly in the field of culinary delights.

The unnamed female intern spoke passionately about her experience at Total Energies and how the company has gone above and beyond to assure the well-being and contentment of its employees.

She cited the company’s commitment to delivering a variety of bonuses and incentives, with a particular emphasis on the culinary experience, as a crucial feature of her excellent experience at Total Energies.

One of her favorite aspects of her internship has been the tempting variety of food provided by Total Energies.

From breakfast to dinner, the organization gives its employees with a delightful selection of foods, allowing them to indulge in their culinary preferences to the fullest.

The young intern was impressed by the variety of cuisines available at the company cafeteria.

She explained that Total Energies not only encourages its employees to enjoy these culinary delights, but also emphasizes that they are free to consume as much as they like.

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