“This DNA issue has become global, it should be done” Mohbad’s father


“This DNA issue has become global, it should be done” Mohbad’s father

In a recent interview, Mohbad’s father has made a significant declaration, calling for a DNA test to ascertain the true paternity of Mohbad’s child.

The issue of DNA testing has gained widespread attention globally, with numerous netizens and even celebrities advocating for a paternity test to be conducted on Mohbad’s son. Mohbad’s father has now joined the chorus of voices demanding this test to confirm his biological connection to his son.

One of the prominent advocates for the paternity test is the self-proclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo. She has been relentless in her call for the test, even suggesting that Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, has been sending individuals her way. Kemi Olunloyo has hinted that she possesses the DNA test results and is willing to share them with the public if Wunmi does not reveal the child’s father’s identity.

Additionally, Very Dark Man, a popular TikTok sensation known for his outspoken nature, has also weighed in on the Mohbad controversy. He emphasized the importance of conducting the DNA test to dispel any doubts surrounding the child’s paternity, as nearly everyone appears to be considered a suspect.

The call for a DNA paternity test in Mohbad’s case has garnered attention from various quarters, with advocates like Kemi Olunloyo and Very Dark Man stressing its significance in confirming the child’s biological father.