“What if everything he said about his wife is true” Actor Yomi Fabiyi drums support for Mohbad’s father


“What if everything he said about his wife is true” Actor Yomi Fabiyi drums support for Mohbad’s father

Yomi Fabiyi has drummed support for the father of late singer, Mohbad, Joseph Aloba. Recall that the singer’s father lost the admiration of many with his continuous talks about his son’s death, which many stated was aimed at retrieving all his properties.

During the Coroner’s Inquest some days back, Joseph Aloba had accused his son’s widow wife of being unfaithful and even putting sleeping pills in his noodles.

He claimed that Wunmi was sleeping with one of the singer’s signees and revealed the major reason why he doesn’t trust her.

His statement didn’t sit well with many who blasted him, including, Tonto Dikeh.

Weighing in, Yomi avowed that his father has every right as a human being to think in a certain direction and not about property.

He stated that there is a possibility that the things he said against his son’s wife could be true, as he noted how Wunmi has never denied the claims.

Yomi added that the trauma will be what will kill the man, thinking that Liam will be reunited with his real father and the same man will take over Mohbad’s property.

“Mohbad’s father has every right as a HUMAN BEING to think in a certain direction and not about property.
What if despite all his son told him before he died are true as Wunmi is yet to deny such infidelity? If it turns out to be that Liam is not Mohbad’s son (God forbid), it means he lost a son and will be losing all his sweat to the wrong hands.
That TRAUMA will be what will kill the man. Thinking Liam will be reunited with the real father and the same man takes over Mohbad’s properties.

“STOP FOLLOWING THESE DIVISIVE, CONFUSED, FACELESS, AND SELECTIVE ACTIVISTS AND BLOGGERS. They abuse the rights of others with impunity should any express themselves differently.

How can any human think the properties left by Mohbad will heal the pain and replace Mohbad with his father? Even the late singer told us how his father suffered to raise him and apologized for his wrongdoings to him. Can anyone in this world feel that part of the lyric more than this man?

There is a serious gap and consequences between MURDER and BULLYING. Those sentenced to murder face tougher punishment in Prison, they might be hanged or killed by firing squad. Until you attend the prison before you know. Before you link anyone with murder, be very, very sure and have your facts and proof. Caveat!

The father’s approach from the beginning may not sit well with everyone because it was thrown online but that won’t deny him his standpoints and fight to see that he did not lose totally.

Learn to always think outside the box and respect other people’s rights offline or online. Let the baba grieve, share his concerns, and fight for everything that is his son, especially from those he feels should not have the right to it. IF ANYBODY SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO MOHBAD’S PROPERTIES SINCE THERE ARE CONCERNS RAISED BY THE DECEASED TO HIS FATHER, CLEAR ALL HIS DOUBTS THEN THE MAN CAN HAVE CLOSURE. That is a huge part of the justice he deserves.

NB: Don’t let them use you on social media to silence or de-rep the innocent man. He is fighting for his son, not his property. Wunmi has equal moral rights to defend herself on such weighty allegations. She should bring her truth if any”.

Over the weekend, Mohbad’s father cried out to God, in an emotional song, as he noted how the world was against him and is using his son to fight him.

He voiced out his heartbreak over how the world is making him cry through the child his creator gave him.