“You’re the most wicked comedian who pulls others career down” Bovi exposes Basketmouth (Video)


“You’re the most wicked comedian who pulls others career down” Bovi exposes Basketmouth (Video)

Bovi Ugboma has slammed his colleague and friend, Bright Okpocha better known as Basketmouth for oppressing his colleagues.

In a widely circulated video, Bovi playfully made an amusing observation about Basketmouth, teasingly describing him as “wicked” and accusing him of having a penchant for undermining the careers of fellow comedians.

In a jesting tone, Bovi affectionately called Basketmouth both a “man of peace” and a “spice of wickedness.” It was evident that Bovi’s remarks were made in jest and not to be taken seriously.

Bovi humorously quipped, “The most wicked comedian who enjoys holding other comedians’ careers down; you’re wicked. A man of peace with a dash of wickedness.”

This development comes shortly after Basketmouth issued a profound apology to his fellow colleagues, Ayo Makun, De Stalker, and others.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Basketmouth extended his apologies to AY, expressing regret for any actions or words that may have negatively impacted him. He earnestly called for a peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

Furthermore, he extended his apologies to anyone within the industry who may have been offended by his actions, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

It’s worth noting that Ayo Makun and Basketmouth have been at odds for several years, primarily stemming from an alleged debt issue. In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, AY revealed that their dispute initially revolved around a N30,000 debt that Basketmouth allegedly refused to settle. As a result, AY claimed that Basketmouth excluded him from certain events.

Basketmouth, on the other hand, refuted these claims, stating that he and AY were never close friends. AY also shared in an interview with Teju Babyface that his attempts at reconciliation with Basketmouth had been unsuccessful, and he had decided to stop making efforts towards reconciliation.

Similarly, Comedian Destalker recounted his own experiences with Basketmouth, alleging that Basketmouth had undermined his shows and sought to bring about his downfall in the wake of a misunderstanding in 2015.


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