Drama as Mr Ibu prays for his wife on his hospital bed (Video)


Drama as Mr Ibu prays for his wife on his hospital bed (Video)

A new video featuring veteran Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu and his wife Stella at his hospital bed has sparked reactions online.

In the video, Mr. Ibu, who has been seriously ill for several weeks, is seen expressing his gratitude and offering prayers for his wife for standing by him during his health ordeal.

It was previously reported that Mr. Ibu had undergone five surgeries and would be flown abroad for further treatment.

His family had issued a statement, noting that the surgeries had been successful, and they were appreciative of the donations received from Nigerians. Additionally, the medical expenses for Mr. Ibu were covered by the foundation of former Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Mr. Ibu, whose real name is John Okafor, made headlines when he celebrated his 62nd birthday with his family at the hospital. The actor’s health condition was visibly challenging, with an emaciated face and swollen legs. He had pleaded with Nigerians not to let his leg be amputated.

The new video of Mr. Ibu, showing his post-surgery condition with his wife Stella by his side, has raised concerns and garnered attention, particularly noting the sudden appearance of white hair, likely due to the stress and strain of his illness. Many people have expressed their sympathy and support for the actor during this difficult time.

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One Pella reacted by saying “So nice… but where are all the side chicks… this a big lesson to all men.. treat your woman right… (wives).. Cus sides chicks won’t be there for you.. when you are down…”

One Sola wrote “To the Men maltreating their wives physically and emotionally, I hope this short video taught you something. Let me still rephrase it for you in case you don’t understand. In the book of when your Bones are weak and you all your side chicks are against you, It’s your Wife that will still stand by you. Sow the good seed now I come in Peace”

One Stephanie wrote, “I don’t blame her for recording this…before una go talk say she no take care of her husband.”

One Simeon wrote “With the way some of you are making some silly.y comments like “who suppose am before” shows that some of you didn’t grow up in a family of love and it’s so sad honestly. I hope you all heal…”